What Is Quranic Grammar And 5 Tips To Learn It

If you are a Quran student who struggles to understand meanings sometimes, it may be because of your lack of knowledge of Quranic grammar. Learning grammar can be a turning point in your ability to understand the Quranic text.

Read this article from Unlock Quran to know more about Quranic grammar and 5 helpful tips you can use.

What is Quranic Grammar?

Quranic grammar is basically the Arabic language grammar. By learning Quranic grammar, you understand the basic structural elements of the Arabic language from letters, words to sentences, and how structure relates to motions. 

Learning Quranic grammar helps you get a deeper understanding of the meanings conveyed in the Quran. Arabic language can’t be fully understood without context, and grammatical structures make you comprehend this context.

“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran that you might understand.”

(Surah Yusuf)

The grammatical sciences are divided into five branches. The more you gain knowledge in these branches, the more you understand and enjoy the beauty of Quranic text. These branches are:

  1. Al-lughah (language/lexicon) concerned with gathering and explaining vocabulary
  2. At-tasrif (morphology) identifying the individual word’s form.
  3. An-nahw (syntax) particularly interested in inflection (iraab). 
  4. Al-ishtiqaq (derivation) investigating the origins of the terms
  5. Al-balaghah (rhetoric) demonstrates the stylistic quality or eloquence

Arabic syntax is a topic in which we study how to effectively express meaning in Arabic, create cohesive sentences, and avoid verbal errors. Lexicology and Arabic Morphology are concerned with working with the internals of words.

Arabic grammar is concerned with the ability to deal with word ends in order to read and comprehend in a sentential context.

The Fundamentals Of Quranic Grammar

Knowing about the fundamentals of grammar helps you draw a map of where you are and where you want to be in grammar learning. Here’s an overview of everything you need to learn about Quranic grammar in order to advance in Quran comprehension and recitation. 

  • Grammar Basics
    1. Arabic words rules: an examination of the many types of words in the language and how they are sorted and classified
    2. Arabic phrases rules: a thorough examination of some of the most frequent phrasal structures, with the aim of introducing some key concepts and vocabulary
    3. Arabic sentences rules: an examination of the many types of sentences in preparation for more advanced Arabic grammatical rules
  • Grammatical Inflection (iraab)

The analysis of what grammatical inflection is, how it functions, and the many grammatical states. It also includes the inflection in Arabic words which is a close examination of the terms in the language that inflect and those that do not.

  •  Reflection And Diptotes

The study of how grammatical states are expressed on various types of inflected words

  • The Grammatical States

The analysis of each grammatical condition and the context in which it is used

    1. nominal sentences
    2. verbal sentences and Arabic adverbs
    3. Other verbal associates: (circumstantial adverb, exclusion, Tamyiz)
    4. the genitive states
    5. grammatical states of verbs
    6. grammatical extension

How To Learn Quranic Grammar?

Quranic grammar can take about 6 months for non-Arabic speakers to learn. It’s not the easiest structure to learn but it’s not the hardest as well. In order to learn Quranic grammar easily, consider these tips:

  • Make Good Intentions

One of the most crucial ways to begin. Set your purpose to study and pray to Allah SWT to assist you on your journey. 

Your learning is purely for the benefit of Allah SWT, to help you grasp and understand what His advice is to us and, eventually, to draw you closer to Him. We pray to Allah SWT to assist us in gaining knowledge, to put things easy, and to remove any obstacles.

  • Take An Online Quranic Grammar Course

Check Unlock Quran’s programs of Arabic language learning and start studying Quranic grammar in an easy way with professional tutors who know how to deal with learners of all ages.

  • Be Persistent To Learn

Once you have enrolled in our online program, make learning Quranic grammar a priority of yours and be persistent to overcome any obstacles along the way. 

It is critical to managing your time well. Too frequently, your learning is threatened by other responsibilities in your life. Make it a top priority, and set aside time each day to learn, review, and practice what you’ve learned.

  • Work On Your Memorization Skills

Quranic grammar studies will need you to memorize rules and charts that will assist you in better understanding the Quran and expanding your knowledge. It is critical to memorize as you go. Otherwise, the next lessons may be difficult to grasp.

If you are asked to learn anything after each lesson, make sure you do it instantly. Every day, set aside time to reflect on what you’ve learned so far before you learn something new. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to memorizing rules, do whatever it takes you to never forget those rules.

  • Practice Reading Quran

Read the Quran in Arabic and start putting what you’ve learned into practice. You will progressively find that you are better able to connect with and understand the Quran as you learn more about how the Arabic language works.

You may feel as though you don’t have enough Arabic vocabulary at times. Make a dictionary for yourself as a helpful suggestion. Every time you come across a new term, write it down along with its definition.

Having a copy of a translated Quran is also helpful. The key thing to remember is that you will pick up a lot of vocabulary along the way. To begin, it’s critical to grasp how the Arabic language works, so study the charts and principles and use what you’ve learned when reading the Quran.

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Is Learning Arabic Grammar Hard?

No, learning Arabic grammar is not hard. The structures of Arabic grammar are not the most difficult to learn of all languages. In fact, you can start to notice very obvious progress in your Arabic level after just 6 months of learning the grammar.

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