"I always made Dua to have a deeper understanding of the Quran"

Understanding the Quran is not rocket science. It all comes down to doing something that works, and doing it consistently. Question is… What? 

Commit 2 hours per week for 11 weeks and transform your relationship with the Quran inshaAllah!


Flexible Schedule

We understand just how hectic things can get so we made sure UnlockQuran can fit beautifully into your busy schedule, no matter what time zone you live in. That’s why we made sure you have access to class recordings soon after the live classes end so you have the chance to catch up (or maybe review key concepts), at your convenience.

Course Duration

11 Weeks

Class Dates

From October 11, 2021 to December 26, 2021

Lecture Sessions

6:00 - 8:00 pm EST

Review Sessions

1 hour
2 times a week

Deep inside, you always want to have deeper understanding on the Quran, but…

Here’s a good news. We don’t need to pause our goals. We just need new ways to achieve them.

Let’s learn this together online for 11 weeks.

You can decide afterwards if you want to commit one whole year to study all the grammar aspects of this language.


Nahw is grammar. In this course you will apply the most foundational knowledge of Arabic grammar. You will master the grammatical characteristics of nouns, verbs, prepositions, fragmented phrases and basic complete sentences directly in the Quran.

Advanced Grammar

There are advanced grammar topics that we have not yet covered in UnlockQuran Essentials. We will learn these in the context of the Ayat that are covered in class from Surah Baqarah

Vocabulary & Sarf

Sarf is the study of morphology. That’s just a fancy way of saying word structure, word patterns, and how words are formed! Although we wont learn Sarf as a science in this course, we will touch upon some of its basic ideas. It’s super fun and will increase your understanding of Quranic words exponentially!

So, Where To Begin? Nahw, Sarf or Balaghah?

Starting your Arabic Journey with sarf is arguably the best strategy for non-Arabs. In fact this is the way Arabic is still taught in Turkey, India, Pakistan and other non Arab Muslim countries.

Learning basic sarf will assist the person in understanding how words are formed, and different word patterns. Additionally, Sarf is one of the best ways to learn vocabulary!


Bonus Features!

Bonus 1

As a student of UnlockQuran, you get the access to online course materials that are specifically designed to enhance your learning experience.
($150 value INCLUDED)

Bonus 2

A PDF of the UnlockQuran Applied workbook template of Surah Baqarah.
($75 value INCLUDED)

Bonus 3

As a student of UnlockQuran, you get connected to thousands of other Quranic Arabic learners around the world through our private online community.
($50 value INCLUDED)

Extra Bonus Feature

Students who successfully complete UnlockQuran will be awarded with this certificate of completion.


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Single Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, during the first week, you don’t feel this course is for you, we’ll refund you – no questions asked.

What Our Students Say

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Rudhi Sas

CEO Buka Kreasi


Frequently Asked Questions

All enrolled students will have 24/7 access to the course records, so you can watch at your convenience and review once the course is completed as well!

The only pre-requisite for this course is to be able to read the Quran in Arabic. Only registered students will be able to join the discussion and complete the quizzes.

The live sessions will be every Tuesday from 6-8:00 pm EST.

If you can’t make it to the live class, no worries. All classes are recorded and you can watch the recordings 24/7 in the portal.

Please let your Quran Coach know – and you will be able to catch up by watching the recording in your portal account.

Yes, this course is open and available for students anywhere in the world!

The tuition is a one-time payment of $397 or 3 easy installments of $159.

Yes, there are limited scholarships available. Please email support@unlockquran.com for information on how to apply.

We have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. During the first week of class, if you do not feel this course is for you, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked. Period.

All required materials will be available in the class portal. Students are only required to have a stable Internet connection and access to a printer to print course materials.

Yes, you can! Please go ahead and purchase the course, then email us and let us know who you would like to gift this course to.

This course is intended for everyone who is looking to develop a meaningful relationship with the Quran.

The only pre-requisite to this course is the ability to recite the Quran in the Arabic language.

That’s all! This course is designed for adults, however, students ages 13 and above have successfully completed this course.

Typically, you will need about 20-30 minutes for each class.

Yes, students will receive a certificate upon completing the course!

Send us a note at support@unlockquran.com

Why Choose

1. Live Online Classes & Class Recordings:

Live classes are conducted online every Tuesday & the recordings are available 24/7

2. Coaching Session:

Live consultation sessions twice a week with a Teaching Assistant to review topics learned in class

3. Custom Curriculum:

The curriculum for UnlockQuran was created to cater straight understanding of the Quran

4. Exclusive Learning Portal:

Get exclusive access to UnlockQuran’s learning portal to watch recordings, review notes, and more.

5. Peer/Study Group:

Enhance your learning with peer support from other students all around the world.

6. Accompanying Mobile App:

Review class materials learned in class with the accompanying mobile app.


As one of the world’s leading online Arabic & Quran institutes, Studio Arabiya can help you take that first step in building a connection with the Qur’an, your salah, and your duas through UnlockQuran, a revolutionary classical Arabic course using a world-class learning management system.